Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New Electric Spa Table from Spa Luxe

Spa Luxe has introduced an all new, fully electric 4 section spa table that's simply amazing.  An electric spa table can make your business.  With all the competition out there, it's more important than ever to impress your clients with your skill and your equipment.

Customers willing to spend $100 or more for a service are not going to be impressed laying on a massage table with a couple bolsters to prop you up into positions for facials, waxing or other services.  First impressions are crucial and that's the facility and the spa bed for the customer.

The 4 section spa table from Spa Luxe meets all the requirements with the price of many manual spa tables.  It has an incredible 17" to 39" height range so you can adjust the height while the client is on the table.  Other chairs might have an electric lift, but then the give you either a manual or "gas assist" non-electric top.

This table gives you the best of both worlds, including a fully automated electric top.  Adjust the back or leg sections independently OR simultaneously with the touch of a button on the convenient hand remote.  Many other table manufacturers will charge you extra for things like side arms, headrest, face cradles, etc.  Spa Luxe includes all of these accessories and more as standard.

Check out all of our spa tables online and don't hesitate to call if you have questions.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Massage Table Price Increases Coming Soon!

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that we've received a list of prices increases from almost all major US manufacturers of massage tables including Earthlite, Stronglite, Oakworks and more.  Price increases vary from 3 percent to 40% on some popular low price massage tables.

There has been a lot of increases in the cost of raw materials, shipping and more.  The manufacturers have held off for a while, but the 2013 lists we have reflect much higher prices.  If you're thinking about a new table now is the time to get it.  Buy before the new year to lock in the price.  Even if the table is not ready until after New Years, your still guaranteed the 2012 price.

Monday, 23 April 2012

UV Towel Warmers don't make sense

Why do people insist on getting UV towel warmers with hot towel cabis?  I often ask myself when I get this request.  The main thought is that you are getting two machines in one.  You are obviously getting a towel warmer, but then people think they're also getting a UV sterilizer that will somehow sterilize the towels.

Let's be clear on one thing and that is that UV light will maintain a sterile environment and kill certain germs and pathogens.  The big catch is that this is only true where the light actually touches the item you want sterilized.  So you've got 24 rolled up towels inside a hot towel cabinet and a UV light bulb in the back.  What surface area do you think the light actually hits?  Let's just say it's limited at best and misses most of the hot towels altogether.

If you want a UV sterilizer, that's fine just keep things separate.  UV sterilizers are inexpensive and so are hot towel cabis.  You're much better off keeping these functions separate.  The final downside...have you ever tried to find a replacement UV bulb for that towel warmer?  They'll probably run $30 or more if you can even get one from the manufacturer!  Keep things simple and keep things separate.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Spa Luxe Stationary and Elec Lift tables

Now from Spa Luxe comes an affordable line of stationary and electric lift Spa tables.  Spa Luxe's entry level stationary is less than some portable massage tables!  If you want a beautiful piece of equipment for your spa or salon, the entry level stationary massage table has everything you need.

If you're looking for a basic electric lift massage table, the Spa Luxe stationary electric lift is a great value.  It's the same exact motor used by the other major US manufacturers.  So it's plenty powerful and just as comfortable.  Treat yourself to an electric lift table now for less than $1,000!

Finally, Spa Luxe has rounded out it product offering with a high end deluxe spa table with and electric lift.  This table is both elegant and functional.  It's an electric lift with a gas-assist style back and leg sections.  This is used by all the major manufacturer's now, but it's at a fraction of the cost.  Get the same quality components, style and functionality you'd expect to find in much higher priced stationary spa tables.

Spa Luxe didn't stop there.  They outfitted every table with all the accessories you could need.  These all come with an adjustable headrest, arm shelf and flexible side arms on the spa table.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Best Lightweight Portable massage table - editor's choice

A lot of people wonder what's the best lightweight portable massage table?  I've had people ask for a table that weighs 20 lbs or less.  I can tell you that you just cannot get that light with current standard materials.

The lightest portable massage tables are generally made of a light weight aluminum frames as opposed to wood. The tables are generally narrower than standard massage tables and also have a thinner semi-firm cushioning system.  This is usually 2" to 2.5 inches of multi-density foam.  Not the most comfortable, but definitely saves on weight.

If you're willing to sacrifice a little size and comfort, then take a serious look at Stronglite's Versalite Pro Aluminum massage table package.  This table weighs just 27 lbs compared to the standard 35 lbs or sometimes heavier massage table and is a real value at $389 with free ground shipping.  Eight pounds might not seem like much, but a gallon of massage oil or lotion weighs about 9 lbs.  So if you've ever picked up one of these jugs, you know it's pretty significant when you're talking about slinging that extra weight over your shoulder every time you take your massage table some place new.

The only drawback with this particular table is that it does not have reiki or easy access end panels.  A close second would be the Earthlite Luna.  The Earthlite Luna massage table boasts similar specifications but with true easy access end panels on both sides.  A lot of reiki practitioners actually prefer this table.  The base package starts at $449.

If you just can't stomach an aluminum massage table and you prefer the rich feel of wood.  Oakwork's Aurora massage table is probably when of the best lightweight wooden massage tables we've come across.  Still don't want to sacrifice size and comfort?  Consider purchasing a massage table cart.  These are great for rolling your table around and the convenient gliders make it a snap to bring up the stairs.  Still have questions...give one of our product specialists a call.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Turn your portable into an electric lift massage table

Oakworks launched this new product called the Proluxe Convertible.  This was modeled after their existing line of Proluxe electric lift massage tables and spa tables.  Basically they kept the electric lift and designed a universal platform that you can mount your portable massage table to.  Check out the convertible video on our website for more info and a demonstration of how this works.

The price is sub one thousand and Massage-Tools is currently offering a free shipping special through the month of September.  An electric lift massage table can truly be a career and back saver.  Use the foot or optional hand control to lower the table so the client can easily get on, then lift the table at the touch of a button to your desired working height.  A lot of therapists don't recognize they're working at the wrong height until it's too late.  Their back can start to hurt and they end up in more pain the people coming in for massage services.

This will work with most portable massage tables.  However, they must have shiatsu release cables so that the legs can fold underneath and the table can lay completely flat.  It's my experience that most wooden massage tables on the market have the shiatsu release functionality, but definitely check to make sure yours does.  On the other hand, most aluminum or metal framed massage tables do not seem to have this feature, due to their different cabling and design.  Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions before buying the Proluxe convertible or any other electric lift massage table.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Facial Steamers - 2 in 1 vs. Steamer and Mag Lamp?

If you're like a lot of people, you might be interested in getting a facial steamer mag light combo to save space.  This can be a good space saver, but often times you end up with a problem if the facial steamer or mag lamp goes bad.

Make sure you get a facial steamer with mag lamp attachment mount.  This way you can swap out the lamp if you want.  It's important to make sure that you get a facial steamer with a wide enough base to support the lamp.  Do not try to mount the magnifying lamp on a steamer without the wide base or it will tip over!  This will break your equipment and worse, possibly injur a client.

If you've got room, go with a separate steamer and magnifying lamp...each with their own stand.  It's easier for maintenace and you can upgrade in the future if you want.  If you must save space, just make sure you're using a lamp mount made specifically for the steamer your buying and also make sure the lamp will work together with this steamer.  Some lamps have longer than normal arms and will also result in tipping.

We carry a wide selection of facial steamers and magnifying lamps at Massage-Tools.com